Class A is the 1st set of digits of an IP address. It could be anything from 1-127. And there’s only 127 A class IP networks for the entire world wide web.

IP addresses are generally consist of 5 classes, namely A B C D E,  while only A, B, and C are commonly used. out of these three classes, class A is the most prominent and most valuable in terms of your SEO and internet marketing campaigns. Class A IP address are very much limited compared to class C IP’s. And there aren’t much available either. Only a handful of web hosts has the ability to offer A class IP’s as a unique value added web hosting product.

 The importance of class A IP Hosting in-terms of  SEO.

We all know been unique is the key to SEO success. If your having more than one website and it’s always the best option to host your sites on a unique IP address, and when it comes to choosing the IP’s there are different classes of IP’s

Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D

Out of these classes A B C are the main ones. And there all unique in one way or the other. But Class B IP’s are more unique than class C and Class A IP’s are the most Unique out of them all.

Each class A IP is numerically unrelated to each other while class B and C IP’s can relate to each other.

A Class IP Hosting

Class C = /

Class B = /

Class A= /

A Class IP’s Vs Google Search Matrix

There are limited number of Class A IP networks available on the entire world wide web, approximately about 127 A Class IP networks. Therefore Google and other search engine algorithms focuses mainly on unique C-Class IP’s in their ranking matrix. Most of these Search engines have to take completely out of the box routing paths to reach to each A Class IP. For this reason Google does not emphasize heavily on A class IP’s because there are way too many IP’s in each class A network, However this does not mean that Class A IP’s are not ranked or completely ignored, though it means that A class IP’s are hardly banned or blacklisted. In other words the only way for a search engine to block these IPs is to black list the whole Internet!!

Using A Class IP’s on your SEO campaigns can make a real difference and get you to the forefront of all your competition. We at Goviphosting.com  proudly offer this extremely rare value added product for the lowest of price you could imagine. Try our A Class IP’s on your campaigns and experience the real power of SEO Hosting.

What is unique about Goviphosting.com A Class IP Hosting

  • Numerically unrelated unique Class A IP’s
  • Multiple Data Centers in different geographic locations
  • Ownership of these IP networks are scattered around many different companies and organizations worldwide.
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