“A Class IP Hosting” Who is it for

If you are a SEO professional, or a webmaster who operates a network of blogs or static websites, this once in a life time offer is for you. Please note that this offer is for a limited time only, so take advantage of it while it last.

Why Class-A SEO Hosting

Instead of hosting your web site/blog network on one of those cheap shared hosting plans which offers unlimited resources including,

  • Unlimited add-on domains on the same IP address
  • And on the same data-center
  • And also on same server
  • Same DNS setup
  • Same nameservers

will not take you or your sites anywhere up in the ladder. This type of hosting is a BIG NO for any sales oriented websites. And in terms of any serious SEO strategy where the main intention is to have higher ranks on Google search results.

The importance of using A Class IP’s

imagine the level of difference it could make if all these critically important variables are unique for each and every site on your network in every possible way. This is exactly what we’re offering you. It’s high time to add some quality uniqueness into your websites “back end nervous system” which will naturally flows in that essential positive vibes into your SEO and Internet marketing efforts which you truly deserves.

What’s on offer

What more can you ask when you have the opportunity to beat the odds the ultimate way. Unique A Class IP Hosting on multiple data centers and on multiple servers with fully SEO optimized name servers to super charge your SEO campaigns. That’s precisely what we have created in this particular seo hosting package with a mind-blowing 20% discount on all Class A IP addresses. The normal price of a class A IP would come about anywhere between $4.99 – 7.99 per IP with cPanel web space and bandwidth including all the other normal hosting features.

These IP’s are sure to get you way ahead of your competition on Google search result rankings. provided every other SEO tactics and strategies are in placed. Do not miss this super awesome once in a life time offer to obtain a set of Class A premium IP’s to host your site/blog network.