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A Class IP Hosting Special Offer

“A Class IP Hosting” Who is it for

If you are a SEO professional, or a webmaster who operates a network of blogs or static websites, this once in a life time offer is for you. Please note that this offer is for a limited time only, so take advantage of it while it last.

Why Class-A SEO Hosting

Instead of hosting your web site/blog network on one of those cheap shared hosting plans which offers unlimited resources including,

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What is Class A IP Hosting


Class A is the 1st set of digits of an IP address. It could be anything from 1-127. And there’s only 127 A class IP networks for the entire world wide web.

IP addresses are generally consist of 5 classes, namely A B C D E,  while only A, B, and C are commonly used. out of these three classes, class A is the most prominent and most valuable in terms of your SEO and internet marketing campaigns. Class A IP address are very much limited compared to class C IP’s. And there aren’t much available either. Only a handful of web hosts has the ability to offer A class IP’s as a unique value added web hosting product.

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Seo web hosting with a difference.

seo hosting

seo hosting

We have officially launched our seo hosting, also known as multiple ip hosting plans. Backed by enterprise level server hardware and super fast ssd technology, our seo hosting plans will surely boost your seo campaigns giving you that extra competitive edge.

Following are some of the advance seo hosting features we’re offering for our clients.

  1. 500+ unique class C iP’s
  2. High authority class A and B Ip’s
  3. cPanel with softaculous
  4. Seo friendly dns
  5. Private nameservers
  6. Multiple servers
  7. Multiple locations
  8. Both shared and dedicated ip’s
  9. Daily weekly backups
  10. Unmatched Level 3 tech support.

Our multiple Ip hosting plans are very affordable. We charge per IP. And we have both shared and dedicated ip addresses in addition to the location based IP’s.