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Why You Should Have A-Class IP Hosting is one of the long-standing Hosting companies in the field.  Over 12 years of successfully doing business online,  We have introduced yet another amazing value addition to our line of SEO Hosting products. “A-Class Ip hosting” is mainly for the elite webmasters and SEO companies who operate Cash cow multiple site networks and who are very serious about their long-term SEO.

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What is Class A IP Hosting


Class A is the 1st set of digits of an IP address. It could be anything from 1-127. And there’s only 127 A class IP networks for the entire world wide web.

IP addresses are generally consist of 5 classes, namely A B C D E,  while only A, B, and C are commonly used. out of these three classes, class A is the most prominent and most valuable in terms of your SEO and internet marketing campaigns. Class A IP address are very much limited compared to class C IP’s. And there aren’t much available either. Only a handful of web hosts has the ability to offer A class IP’s as a unique value added web hosting product.

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